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Pure Reishi & Chaga Mushroom Powder

Pure Reishi & Chaga Mushroom Powder

  • Pure Reishi Mushroom Powder: Steep Into It reishi powder is sourced from 100% fruiting bodies with no mycelium. No fillers, starches, grain or any other nastiness is added.
  • Premium Organic Ingredients: Naturally grown in greenhouses or wild-sourced, our chaga mushroom powder is organic, vegan, sugar-free, and lab tested .This mushroom supplement is hot water and/or alcohol extracted to enhance nutritional availability.
  • Real Health Benefits: Reishi and chaga are two fungi famously known for their stress-relief. Reishi mushrooms specifically can aid white blood cells which are crucial in proper immune system function.
  • Sleep Aid: Ideal as an evening supplement to help you sleep soundly, the chaga powder is the perfect substitute for other potentially habit forming sleep medications.
  • End Your Day Right: Try the organic mushroom powder with chocolate or simply hot water before bed. You'll just be a few sips away from total relaxation and truly restful sleep
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