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Lion's Mane Video Instructions

Part 1 of 5 videos.

Please take your kit out of the box and place it in a room temperature with room lighting for the next 3 weeks.

Here is part 1 of 5 videos instructions.  Scroll down as you progress through the growing process.

Thank you!

Mushroom Man

Video Lion Mane Kit: Video

Mushroom Man Workshop!

Time to get serious!
This is a weekend workshop that will train you to grow your own mushrooms from scratch!

Bring a friend at no additional cost!

Video Lion Mane Kit: Welcome

Part 2
Lion's Mane Instructions

After 3 weeks...time to see if it is ready.

Over the last 3 weeks your kit has been in room temp. and regular lighting (no direct sunlight).  Is it ready?

Video Lion Mane Kit: Video
Video Lion Mane Kit: Welcome

Reishi Mushroom Kit

Grow beautiful and very beneficial Reishi Mushrooms!

If you are looking for a medicinal mushroom species to grow at home, Reishi mushrooms are a good choice. 

Reishi is known for its medicinal properties and is relatively easy and intriguing to grow. It also produces beautiful fruiting bodies.

Part 3
Lion's Mane Instructions

Creating a Growing Environment.

Creating a perfect environment so your mushroom will show itself in a couple of weeks.

Video Lion Mane Kit: Video
Video Lion Mane Kit: Welcome

Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit

Huge 5lb Pink Oyster Kit!

Organic Ingredients: The Giant Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit (Pleurotus djamor) can produce large cluster of mushrooms for many weeks! The mushrooms like to grow at the temperature of 70 - 78°F environment. Edible and choice mushroom that can be simply cooked with butter and onions. They develop a mild, woody flavor that readily takes on the flavors of accompanying ingredients WHILE others claim they have a distinctive meaty taste, reminiscent of bacon or ham.

Part 4
Lion's Mane Instructions

Raising the humidity.

After the mushroom shows itself it is time to raise the humidity to enlarge the mushroom!

Video Lion Mane Kit: Video

Morel Outdoor Mushroom Kit

You must get approx. 6 weeks of below freezing weather for this kit to work.  However, planting as soon as possible is best so the mushroom can SPREAD throughout before first frost hits. So you can plant in early spring UP TO 30 days before your first frost.

Video Lion Mane Kit: Welcome

Part 5
Lion's Mane Kit Instructions

Is it time to harvest?

It's harvest time!  Let's harvest and grow another and another mushroom!

Video Lion Mane Kit: Video

Lion's Mane Written Instructions

I also have a PDF of the written Lion's Mane instructions if you would like to download.

Video Lion Mane Kit: Files
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