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The Mushroom's Man Shop

We have all of your mushroom growing herbal needs.


Indoor & Outdoor Kits

Mushroom Kits

Edible & Medicinal Mushroom Kits.

Many varieties to choose from.

Almost any mushroom kit you can thank of...we got it!


Mushroom Herbal Store

Let the Mushroom Man do the work for you!

Premium Organic Ingredients of mushrooms blends for delicious medicinal tea! 

Check out our Herbal Store!


Mushroom Plug Spawn

Mushroom Plugs

This plug spawn is used for inoculation of freshly cut, healthy hardwood/softwood logs to grow your own mushrooms with the changing seasons.

A renewable food and medicinal source.

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Liquid Culture

Liquid Mycelium Culture Syringe

Simply inject onto a blank agar petri dish or directly on sterilized grain to create a master spawn.  Some knowledge of mycology will be needed.


Petri Live Culture

Agar Petri Cultures

We have a large selection of mushroom cultures to choose from.  Each culture will be transferred to a clean agar petri upon purchase.  If you don't know what to do with it...DON'T BUY IT!

grain spawn_edited_edited.jpg

Master Grain Spawn

Organic Mushroom Spawn

If you don't know what this is...DO NOT BUY IT!  This is NOT a mushroom kit.

Used to inoculate bulk substrate such as sawdust and/or pasteurized straw.



Build your own high-end Flow hood.

HEPA filters out 99.99% of airborne contaminants that are larger than 0.3 microns.

All-Purpose Blower - 549 CFM
Perfect for all of the filters I sell.


Mushroom Weekend Workshop

Personal One-On-One

One on One + Friend Mushroom Growing Weekend Workshop is the first of its kind!

Teaching you the best techniques for growing personal gourmet mushrooms on a home or large scale.


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