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Reishi Video Instructions

Unboxing your kit.

Please take your kit out of the box and place it in a room temperature location with natural lighting for the next 2 week.

Part 1 or 4 Parts.

Thank you!

Mushroom Man

Video Reishi Kit: Video

Mushroom Man Workshop!

Time to get serious!
This is a weekend workshop that will train you to grow your own mushrooms from scratch!

Bring a friend at no additional cost!

Video Reishi Kit: Welcome

Reishi Video Instructions

After 2 weeks.

Your kit has been resting for 2 weeks and ready to sprout mushrooms.  Here is what you are looking for.

Video Reishi Kit: Video

Lion's Mane Mushroom Kit

Would you like to gift a Lion's Mane Kit or buy one for yourself?

The Lion's Mane Indoor Kit (Hericium erinaceus) are a family of edible fungi widely used for culinary and medicinal purposes.  They owe their name to their appearance, as their white fruiting bodies grow as a single clump of long spines, resembling a lion's mane, and can be consumed dry, cooked or as tea.

Health Benefits: Helps prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  Mild relief from depression and anxiety.  Improves cognitive health and mental clarity and is a immune boosting

Video Reishi Kit: Welcome

Reishi Video Instructions

Preparing the mushrooms growing environment.

Now that you have sprouted 8-12 mushrooms you are ready to start growing you beautiful Reishi mushrooms!

Video Reishi Kit: Video

Morel Outdoor Mushroom Kit

You must get approx. 6 weeks of below freezing weather for this kit to work.  However, planting as soon as possible is best so the mushroom can SPREAD throughout before first frost hits. So you can plant in early spring UP TO 30 days before your first frost.

Video Reishi Kit: Welcome

Reishi Video Instructions

Harvest time!

Your mushrooms are full grown and ready to be harvested.  Pay close attention for information regarding a 2nd crop.

Video Reishi Kit: Video

Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit

Huge 5lb Pink Oyster Kit!

Organic Ingredients: The Giant Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit (Pleurotus djamor) can produce large cluster of mushrooms for many weeks! The mushrooms like to grow at the temperature of 70 - 78°F environment. Edible and choice mushroom that can be simply cooked with butter and onions. They develop a mild, woody flavor that readily takes on the flavors of accompanying ingredients WHILE others claim they have a distinctive meaty taste, reminiscent of bacon or ham.

Video Reishi Kit: Welcome

Reishi Kit Written Instructions

Here is a PDF of the Reishi Mushroom Kit that can be downloaded for your added convenience.

Video Reishi Kit: Files
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